The Look Right: Shades of Brown with Varsity Jacket

The Look Right Shades of Brown with Varsity Jacket

A curious thing about the color brown in looks male is that she is rarely used in compositions of tone-on-tone, most of the times it is paired with navy or shades of autumnal, which seems a waste with a hue that represents so well the male universe, as it refers to leather and wood, two elements always present in environments and even perfumes turned to the man.

The Look Right Shades of Brown with Varsity Jacket

Why does it work?

The bomber jacket varsity has a very unique style and the cool, the overlay is not only shades, but also textures of leather left the piece even more interesting and the background provided by the polo shirt became the top of the look very cohesive, to the point of saying that the white t-shirt is entirely dispensable, the pants in a neutral play looking directly upwards, being almost impossible not to focus the attention on the face framed by the collar of the shirt, a solution which does not bode well for me most of the time, but here it seems appropriate.The choice of glasses has been well thought out, a copy of hoops thick would be a little extreme with that amount of brown to the waist, the hoops and thin metal, and the lens maintained a link discreet with the combo.

Try this…

Swap the pole for a henley, if you think the collar an excess dispensable, but do not consider a t-shirt the ideal solution, or try a shirt in the same tone to give the visual a the air a little more seriously. The marine jeans can also be a good addition for those who didn’t find the pants in the picture the ideal choice. On the feet of a chelsea boot brown suede, or leather rustic would be successful.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the jacket for a trucker brown, for example, one of the major highlights of the look is precisely this piece.

In short

  • The brown does not only serve to complement the tone-on-tone using the hue yields good looks;
  • The varsity jacket of leather in two tones and two textures is the main part of the combination;
  • Poles, t-shirts and traditional henleys always add something;
  • Vary the jeans seems like a good idea, not only of indigo are made the looks the male;
  • Accessories striking, but without exaggeration, are the ideas in this case.