The Look Right: Basic with Leather Jacket, Jake Gyllenhaal

The Look Right Basic with Leather Jacket, Jake Gyllenhaal

While some make the biggest juggling to show style, other, like the actor Jake Gyllenhaal, the only count with the basic and do incredibly well. But the truth is that with the right items in the wardrobe, dress well becomes too easy!

The Look Right Basic with Leather Jacket, Jake Gyllenhaal

The pieces in the look above are the basis of any repertoire fashion men: crew neck t-shirt bald, brown leather jacket basic model (biker or bomber), jeans and tennis shoes light and cheap (Vans or All Star, for example). The colors also do not allow for error, since the brown of the jacket conversation very well with the yellow of the tennis shoes and the khaki of the shirt, while the pants faded to a dark grey is completely neutral. It is still possible to make the look more preppy exchanging the jacket for a bazer in twill of the same color, or by adding a shirt, are also worth an upgrade, adding a boot or an oxford worn leather to get out of the simplicity of the sneakers.

Below the color palette used:

This look is a good option to the several occasions where casual attire is appropriate, as a ballad, a meeting with friends at a bar, a birthday party, a rock concert or even a simple walk at the mall. It would not fit very well to work in the corporate environment classic, but with today’s companies, where some of them even encourage a visual more “relax” and young, is it possible to use without problems.