Spring Summer Fabric Trends, vintage Fringed Jackets

Spring-summer western with suede fabrics embellished with fringes. Fashion launches the cowboy style, with heart 70s and rhythm from the Coachella festival. Check out our gallery and ideas fashionable in 2016.

The cowboy of modern times she dresses in suede, music is armed and ready for the horse to reach the Coachella Festival.

The walkways have launched the fashion trends in 2016 and there was the ovation Cowboys at the sight of entire summer collections suede fabric. And as in the most beautiful western the neighing of horses serves as background music, women sheriff, in their clothes cognac, pull the reins to, then, take the gallop towards the California desert the Empire

Polo Fields in Indio, where since 2001 based music festival Coachella, each end of April. Here converge the major exponents of rock, indie and electronic music. And suddenly it seems to be in the 70s.

Suede & Wild West: a bit ‘of history

Dresses, skirts and jackets in suede fabric (as in the gallery), rucksacks and suede shoes.The total look of suede like and conquer this spring-summer 2016 in western sauce.
Taking a step back in time and through the history of ’70s fashion, suede was a must, has always had a rural connotation, it is always accompanied with fringe. There is also a campaign Vogue Italy in 1970 which tells of a Paris prey to fringes and suede hands of the brand Dior: the wind blew over the town of Pampa bringing a bit ‘of Far West.

Jackets with fringes, two souls: hippie and rock

Applied to jackets, fringed come to move the spring-summer 2016 with their warm tones and give the dimension of dreams with a touch of rock and hippie together.
The 70 echo on roaring jacket with fringes, old and new, vintage and modern, it seems to hear the sound of a herd of horses coming from the west with the American Indians at a trot. And while being in our cities or in the rural outskirts of the city in outline, the soul cowgirl adventurer remains: jeans, jacket with fringes, wide-brimmed hat and cowboy scarf.Hi Ha!

Two outfits of street style suggested by Zalando in his fashion-agenda , perfectly describe the versatility of the fringes: the version  hippie nell’outfit Sara Escudero and version biker Demir Rana.