Puffer Jackets:Tips to Rock with the Jacket

No wonder that fashion comes and goes with the time. The trends are updated, suffer some modifications and return to success. And being that a rule of the fashion world, with autumn-winter trends 2017 would be no different.

One of the promises for these seasons are the puffer jackets. Remember when you were a kid and wore a fluffy jackets and full of seams? Yes, they’re back. But now, in the adult version.

This is not the first time that these jackets appear in cold seasons, but this year, they should come with more power.

From basic to bold

Despite the bulky appearance, the puffer jacket can be a very basic piece in your wardrobe. In the same way as it can be a key piece of a totally modern and bold look. Everything will depend on the model chosen.

In addition to the colors, which will influence a lot, the tissues of the jacket also make a difference. A black jacket, with most common fabric is ideal for the basic look. A Paisley jacket – and they should appear fairly – or with more “brilliant” should give a complete Checkup in visual. What do you prefer?

1001 combinations

Despite the jacket look more cool and casual, it can be easily combined with more formal looks. Again, will depend on her style and of course, the environment and occasion, but is a possibility.

Social and informal mix is every day more strong in current looks, which favors the versatility of pieces like the puffer jacket. The tip, in this case is to balance the colors of the visual. If the clothes have flashy colours, the jacket must be neutral and live versa. Opt for models without CAP is a good idea, in this combination.


One of the ways to leave this even more stylish jacket is betting on the mixture of textures on the look. Can be parts of the same color or different colors. This will give an up in visual, for more basic than he is. And this mixture of texture favors, for example, the combination between completely different style parts.

Remember also that you have the option to choose for longer or shorter jackets. Or the most fair in the body or more loose. Everything will depend on your personal taste. With wider parts and long, bet on a look more fair to follow and vice versa. It’s that old and good balance in time to assemble a visual.

What did you think? Ready to go back to the puffer jackets.