Plus Size Jackets Style of Zaremba Bespoke

After fashion trade fair Pitti Uomo last summer we wrote here at Manolo for a meeting with Bespoke tailoring standards Maciej Zaremba and their owners. We got after our interview very curious about their work and began this summer, an order which started with a first measuring in Florence and then plunge with testing and adjustments in the fall. Last week was the last tune up and we will be in two parts describe the whole process and the end result.

Tailor’s Studio from Warsaw is Poland’s oldest and offer tailoring of the utmost class. It has become increasingly known abroad thanks to Maciej who have been diligent to expose both themselves and the company on social media.

Zaremba as tailoring are very flexible with the style and quite wide ranges from classical British and pretty structured cut into soft Italian designs and narrow silhouettes. I decided to do a vinterkavaj in cheviot donegal tweed from British w. Bill in a lovely color that can be described as brick red. To be a tweedtyg, it is not so rough, about 370 g/m, however, it is relatively warm and I chose for this reason a lined version with light canvas. Maciej was very active in the consultation and talked a lot about proportions and harmony. He had comments on the Act, width, scrolling, where middle button would sit, etc, all to get a good overall comfort. The measurements were taken, as usual, and everything was recorded in Maciej’s notes.

The work itself helped Maciej to document and it is exciting to see how it actually goes to in their Studio. All the tailors work in-house and no operations are posted externally. The jacket, sewn up for me has to 90% sewn entirely by hand. Here at Iamaccepted you can get more different models and styles. The detail work is impressive and unusual considering that the price is much lower than what many tailors take for an equivalent product.

Before that, we would like to strike a blow for the Trunk show that Zaremba in Sweden.

The 6-7 december, Maciej to visit Stockholm to meet with customers.Then the interest in Zaremba has become quite big in Sweden as it is by appointment only and first come first served.

The idea is then to Zaremba will visit Sweden on an ongoing basis for measuring of testing and want to speed up the time between testing, there is a lot of favorable flights for a few hundred pieces from both Stockholm and Gothenburg to Warsaw.

The price tag is, of course, depending on the fabric to which the customer chooses but in a standard fabric costs about SEK 3 000 pants, jacket about 13 000 USD and SEK 16 000 suit ca. Then it is thus a full tailoring service individually designed patterns and two testing.

If you want to order the shirts has partnered with two skjortillverkare and Zaremba takes measurements for them while they sew up the products. In the case of Emanuel Berg of made-to-measure shirts on the machine for approximately 1 300 SEK and Italian skjortskrädderiet D ‘ Avino which sew entirely by hand from about 2 800 SEK.