Les Bleus De Travail – Jacket Worker Blue

Les Bleus De Travail – Jacket Worker Blue

Has a series of jackets in the history of men’s fashion that have gained the status of icons: the jacket trucker the Levis, the trench coat of the Burberry, Jacket A2 of the aviators and Baracuta Harrington are some examples. Another jacket that deserves a place in this list is the “bleu de travail”, also known as the jacket workwear French.

Les Bleus De Travail – Jacket Worker Blue

The line between the clothes that we wear because we want to (fashion) and clothes that we use because we have to (uniforms for work) is as off as a good and old jeans. We can choose to wear pants fatigue vintage or jackets to work in france with t-shirts, while some people wear these clothes every day to work.

The jacket workwer French it was a jacket protector for manual work. Today, she’s a great companion in any wardrobe. Unisex, comfortable, versatile and sturdy, does not have the defect.

The Story

The origins of clothing always has a hint of uncertainty, but it is thought that this coat has arisen in France, at the end of the nineteenth century.

The translation of the French name, bleu de travail, blue means work. The expression was used to all the uniforms of the working of the factories the French at the end of the nineteenth century. The term can mean a jacket, a shirt or a jumpsuit or a pair of pants, but in this case, we’re talking about the jacket.

This kind of clothing emerged in the NINETEENTH century, but it is very common in factories and workshops until today.


The jackets have emerged long before the denim jacket, but the idea is very similar. Simple and sturdy, has no lining or structure. You can use up in a few days not so cold (and of course on the brazilian winter).

The design is simple, with button closure and large pockets on the side. The details may vary a little, but all were designed to be functional and durable, with enough space to carry what was necessary.

The originals are made in a cotton fabric thick and heavy so-called moleskine, accessible at the time (and easy to wash). The touch of this fabric is soft, feels like a mix of velvet and suede.

The cotton was dyed blue, one of the cheaper dyes of the season. The choice was not only financial, and it served to differentiate the French workers from their superiors. The workwear blue was used by the workers. Supervisors or managers, wearing white or grey to differentiate. The working class today is known as the “blue collar” because of it.

The most popular colors are the blue hydrone and the bugatti. The blue tone more brilliant is the well-known ‘Bugatti Blue’. Ettore Bugatti was a car manufacturer Italian. The race cars Bugatti were at their peak in the 1930s. At the time, they represented what was best in engineering and its design was futuristic.

A jacket worker vintage original have been easier and cheaper to find. For a long time, the jackets have remained relatively obscure, quietinhas there inside of your place of origin. In the recent boom of the workwear they were to go under the spotlight. Before, only the most connected in the vintage-looking for the product, and now every brand of men’s fashion has a version.

The vintage has models that vary greatly, but are usually anti-fit, and “boxy”. These jackets accompanied people for a long time, lost color, and they passed by patches and repairs home. Vintage pieces with these marks of use has a unique look and are quite sought after. Some designers and brands modern are reinterpreting the jacket with cuts and lines current, another option for those looking for a look more common.

Where To Purchase

It is very difficult to find a good jacket for a price of those in the days of today. Most of the jackets out there will cost above $120, and the vintage usually spend $200.

The vintage are has fit wider, like the jackets of the modern (most of the times, are not made of cotton. The interpretations of the lifestyle and fashion has fit moderate, for those who appreciate the vintage without exaggeration.

Here we go… starting in Brazil, has the Dion Ochner who has just launched a blue jacket twill 100% cotton with lining of taffeta. The Worker Port is very cool, with some vintage details such as rivets and reinforced stitching on the pocket. Here at Just Wanted to Have A you can find a version a bit different, in twill green.


Many brands have produced the jackets of the French original throughout history, and some of them are still on active duty:

  • The manufacturer most famous is the Wind, of Paris, with a history as rich as the jacket. Founded by Edouard Beerens in the 1920s, it is still owned by the same family.
  • Another brand among the originals is the Le Mont Saint Michel.
  • Le Laboureris not so old, but it is another brand of workwear authenticates French

Three French brands, contemporary, that do an excellent job reproducing the original designs (with choices of fabric very nice), are:

  • The Bleu de Paname
  • Arpenteur(I’m in love for the visual identity of them)
  • Fleur de Bagne(this last with influences from workwear heavier than the first two).

A little more trendy…

Those seeking something a little more sophisticated you can hunt an option in the kingdom more fashion (with a lowercase ‘f’):

  • The fashion designer Margaret Howellhas options that I really like (made in collaboration with the Wind)
  • Another brand that always has something in that line is the Oliver Spencer
  • The version of the Old Town, with its rounded collar is one of my favorite
  • The 1ST PAT-RNis another that is known to shed jackets inspired in the bleu de travail.
  • The 3 Sixteenhas a version in fabric sashiko.
  • Taking a leave to get away from the traditional bet on the Japanese. The Blue Blue Japanalways working, the Indigo, and has options and fun in shades of blue amazing and the Porter Classicalso, both combining influences of western and eastern.

In fact, the majority of the menswear collections in recent years made some kind of reference piece. If your budget is limited as well, can be find in stores such as ASOS, but will not be made with fabrics so cool (it would probably be a twill normal).


To conclude, the best option, try to find an option vintage. Be sure to check the measurements, because it is not enough to rely on basic information of P, M, G:

  • The thrift store  Luxury, in Sao Paulo, is one of the few in the country with good options male. You can contact by Instagram, and who knows, maybe even sign a order direct in the next shipment of parts coming from the outside.
  • With patience, it is also very quiet choose a jacket in the classic Etsy and Ebay. Search for “vintage French chore coat”
  • You can search in some stores, the vintage of France or by the world. I found the the suicide shop General, the Monbleu, the Brut-Clothingand Rospoindigo.
  • Still in the vintage, the japanese like it a lot, use techniques to restore jackets damaged, and the result is pretty cool. I like the work that the SasakiYohintendoes, and the Medicine Man also has a collection of very beautiful, it is not available in the site.

How to use?

And how to use a jacket workwear French? As the jacket is quite simple, have not much secret to use.

The easiest way is to simply take your denim jacket and put a french work jacket. Use what you would use with the denim jacket, and ready.

To get a little more authentic, I suggest a pair of jeans wide. Who knows a pair of pants fatigue military green, white t-shirt and sneakers canvas. Complete the look with a red bandana on the neck.

You can also use them with a striped t-shirt and pants chino slim which is pretty cool. A simple way that leaves a little out of the ordinary of the jeans, pulling the nautical.


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Vintage French chore jacket |Bleu de travail|Deadstock ...

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