Gigi Hadid Used Baph’s Bomber Jacket in the Official Store

The products only prove one thing we’ve known for a long time: The Zayn is very stylish!

No one can deny: The Zayn Malik is very stylish! As if it’s not enough to be beautiful and talented, the singer still understands fashion! So we couldn’t expect anything else from his official merchandising line, which was not megafashionistas products. And this week, the online shop has received new IN-CRÍ-Furniture pieces! Look at:

What do you say about this bomber jacket? We’re all over it. of black satin fabric from outside and orange inside, the model bears the name of Zayn in Arabic in the back and also on a small embroidery in front. Namo Gigi Hadid has already secured hers! The only downside is that to disburse one of these you need to invest $ $300 (approx. R $1,050). Heavy, huh?

Not that way, no! New T-shirts bring pictures of Baba’s Zayn boy: In one of them, he’s sitting in the biggest thinker pose. Already in another is releasing a 43 look while displaying some of his tattoos on his arm. We want both of them right now!

Previously there were already available other models of T-shirts – all in black or white. Several of them bring only the singer’s name, but some show stylish illustrations and images, such as the one that shows the singer’s silhouette.

The line also counts in sweatshirt options! As well as the bomber, they bring the name of the singer in Arabic – but they are much more cheap! The models vary from US $30 to US $60 (approx. r $105 – R $210).

The bad news is that the store doesn’t deliver to Brazil! Yes, Zquad, we’re going to need the future tour to come through here to put your hand on these beauties…


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