Everywear Function Jackets

With the Everywear function jackets from the House of Schöffel you are prepared perfectly for every change in the weather. Maximum weather protection combined with a minimal pack size, accompany the Schöffel Everywear raincoats virtually anytime and anywhere. Learn more about the benefits of Schöffel, Everywear collection…

Schöffel, Everywear collection
Water, wind and super-lightweight

The rain jackets folded together in a handy pocket size, is nothing new. Schöffel makes this practical feature of Pack-Away rain jackets now available for the functional jackets Everywear collection advantage. While regular rain jackets only from wind and rain protect, but due to their usually very thin layers of material neither particularly breathable warming , yet noteworthy properties realize the Everywear jackets by Schöffel combine the advantages of both sides.

The jackets of Schöffel , Everywear collection combine both the light base weight and the reduced size of Pack-Away rain jackets as the advanced weather protection features in the form of wind, water resistance and breathability of sophisticated functional jackets in one.

Through the use of innovative venturi material technology Listofusnewspapers succeeded in designing extremely lightweight functional jackets similar to rain jacket small folding an Pack-Away and store virtually anywhere.

Venturi protective materials

The venturi weather protection materials are the functional basis of Everywear collection by Schöffel. Through these materials, succeeded Schöffel to bring enhanced weather protection as well as an increased respiratory activity in the format of an Pack-Away jacket.

The venturi functional textiles are very powerful laminates, which are used exclusively at Schöffel . Depending on the model and the range is as 2- venturi or even 3- layer-laminated processed.

Venturi water resistance

The peculiarity of the Venturi laminate consists in a closed, i.e. fully by pores free membrane which offers no attack surface for the wind as well as water. However Venturi materials from a blend of hydrophilic i.e. water-friendly as well as hydrophobic, i.e. , the water-repellent fibers.

While the hydrophilic fibers pull moisture and absorb, the hydrophobic fibers in the mix of materials make for a very fast Feuchtigkeitsabtransport outwards. Through the combination of a waterproof layer of laminate and the material mix of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fabrics shares the venturi functional jackets Everywear collection have a water resistance of at least 10000 mm. So also no gateway for moisture is kept open, be all venturi jacket models the seams in addition completely welded with a special tape and sealed all existing zips.

Venturi respiratory activity

Since the structure of the Venturi materials consists of a combination of coarse and fine molecules, it is possible to achieve a perfect balance of water resistance and breathability . The gross structure of the molecule allows the escape of water vapor from the clothing inside, while through the very fine molecular structure is compacted to the outside of the condensation can be transported only on one side along the moisture gradient from the inside to the outside. So, the Everywear realize functional jackets their improved breathability as well as their improved moisture management well despite their low weight, as well as of the small pack size.

Schöffel easy functional jackets

The easy functional jackets the Schöffel , Everywear collections offer you full independence of the the changing whims of the weather. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, due to the reduced level of the Pack to this completely water – and so virtually anytime, anywhere with wind-proof and at the same time highly breathable weather protection jackets. Practical companion that you always at hand can carry the right answer for every kind of weather in a Pocket are want no matter whether you commute just between workplace and home, spend their leisure time outdoors or actively their Outdoorsportaktivitäten the easy functional jackets go.

So you are always 100% independent and carefree can meet any change in the weather and this throughout the year.

Advantages of easy functional jackets

The easy , functional jackets are a 2- layer Venturi Material produced, which is wind – and waterproof and also realized an increase breathability. The multifunctional Easy jackets also perfect for sportive along with the movement-friendly pattern, suitable up to sweaty teapot.

The easy jacket models are equipped with a detachable hood also, which can be easily stowed in the collar. So the easy Everywear can adapt jackets in the blink of an eye to the current weather conditions. Velcro® integrated in addition to the sleeve cuffs and hem allow an individual width regulation, while the final high collar neck and Chin area Additionally protects from cold winds.

Finally, Venturi clothing also at the easy functional jackets, are like in all of Schöffel all seams and all zippers completely by seam tapes against moisture sealed.

Saeed at McTREK outdoor sports

In our McTREK outdoor sports online assortment is located next to the easy functional jackets Everywear collection a variety of additional function clothing of brand Saeed with what you guarantees more comfort movement and independence for your outdoor activities is.