How to Wear Bomber Jacket

Learn more about trendy outerwear this spring, and how to pair it.

The bomber is one of the outerwear of tendency for spring 2016. Ideal for the sporty-chic look, it adapts to any situation thanks to variations in materials or combinations. It is a wildcard that replaces the classic vest, thanks to lips belonging to the wrists and hips, creating volume and liven up the look.

During the spring and summer, you have such a wide choice of this garment that you can opt for different models as needed. If will match you to a stylish look, give it a sporty touch, if you want to balance things better, a decorated bomber, perhaps flowers, and silk, complete a ladylike look instead of the usual light coat or jacket.

The most beautiful leather jackets for spring 2016

In the pictures below is most interesting leather spring summer 2016, to meet any of your needs. You’ll find templates that follow the trends of summer, i.e. to suede or denim, in addition to cotton or synthetic leather jacket, for a more sleek and lightweight. And if you’re wondering why now there is this great return this outerwear, the answer is simple: it is the favorite jacket of the 90s, decade of great tendency in spring summer this year.

1. Chic Look

And now we come to how to match the bomber. As we anticipated, is easily adaptable to any look, and generally speaking we can say that you can turn it to a casual or elegant. To be chic with the bomber just choose the right one, combining elegant look ladylike and proper, then even by night. A bomber of silk or satin, long worked for example, would do for you. Another trend of spring comes in handy in this case: that of clothing embroidered. Another version of the bomber that can help you to be chic is the one with the flower prints.

2. Casual Look

If you prefer to interpret the bomber in his sport source, then just choose a basic template and match it to your casual look. In addition to the templates that recall American college varsity world, even the bomber with floral prints can be ideal for a sporty look. Just match it to the tight jeans, sneakers, and you’re done!

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